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Norma "Sue" Overturf

Josefa Higuera Livermore Chapter, NSDAR, was organized by Norma "Sue" Overturf and 15 members-at-large on April 15, 2000. 

The chapter took its name from Josefa Higuera Livermore. Josefa Higurera as the wife of Robert Livermore, for whom the town and valley were named. Numerous descendants of this couple still live in the area.


Organizing Members
Charter Members
Charter Members

Sharlene Williams Boyer
Jane Morse Cote
Nancy Ankrum Douglas
Mildred "Midge" Enke
Jane Bearse Everett
Linda Powell Garrett
Kay Overturf Gilbert
Rosemary Biel Lighty
Michele Enke Marez
Patricia Ann Smith Moore
Norma "Sue" Smith Overturf
Glynice Tawney Pomykal
Clarice Erickson Sisemore
Amie Garrett Spruiell
Leona "Lee" Moore Walter
Pam Degough Wheeler

Kendall Lynn Baker
Nancy Baron Baker
Patricia Sutton Baker
Suzanne Mathers Bauer
Kathleen Ann Bireley
Andrea Emery Bortner
Gail Voelker Bryan
Jane McCaslin Callabresi
Lisa Edwards Clowdus
Lesleyann Medeiros Coker
Fidel Schilling Crow
Rebecca Lynn Degough
Deborah Baker Diercks
Amy Walter Dutchover
Nora Ellen Degough Egli
Carey Pomykal Estes
Christine Cote Gaeckle
Julie Sisemore Gee
Judith Morse Gonsalves
Gail Smith Healey
Jane Drennon Helms
Patricia Warren Hoenig
Jill Everett Hornbeck
Marcia Ellinwood Katz
Susan Pomykal Lietzke
Mary Jane Smith McCarthy
Maris Holmes Medeiros
Julie Everett Mello
Kathleen Freeman Overturf
Gayle McCormick Ramsey
Diane Clark Russell
Jean Troxell Salas
Jane Abbott Southwick
Suzanne McCormick Wade
Rachel Conrad Willis
Barbara Creighton Wills
Sara Walter Wood

As our sisters did before us, we strive to continue to achieve our society's goals: historical preservation, supporting education programs, and promoting patriotism.


Chapter Officers


2018 - 2020 Board


Debbie McMenamin


First Vice Regent
Wyletta Nickson


Second Vice Regent


Judy Gonsalves

Gail Bryan


Recording Secretary
Marilyn Glass

Corresponding Secretary
Joyce Suter


Jane Everett

Michelle Williams

Jan Soderstrom


Leslie Steuben



Past Chapter Regents

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Sue Overturf 2000 – 2002
Pat Moore 2002 – 2004
Midge Enke 2004 – 2006
Jane Everett 2006 – 2008
Glynice Pomykal 2008 – 2010
Maris Medeiros 2010 – 2012
Pat Moore 2012 – 2014
Sharon Garrison 2014 - 2016
Kathy Crusco 2016 - 2018

Honored Daughters 


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Pat Wheeler

National appointment by President General, Deputy Representative, VAVS, Livermore Medical Center

Sharon Garrison

Vice Chair VIS Communications Management, District IV Director

Michelle Williams

Vice Chair, VIS Social Media, North 


To learn more about the NSDAR and our local chapter, please contact us.


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