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Do you have an American Revolutionary War Patriot in your family tree?

Join us in celebration of our heritage and make new friends! 

The Josefa Higuera Livermore Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR or DAR), was founded on April 15, 2000, by the Organizing Regent, together with 15 other DAR members. Today, the chapter has 126 members of diverse backgrounds and interests, with our common bond being our lineal descent from American Revolutionary War Patriots. Most members are from the Livermore Valley area but local residency is not a requirement of membership in any chapter.

Our chapter took its name from Josefa Higuera Livermore, the wife of Robert Livermore for whom the town and valley were named. Numerous descendants of this couple still live in the area. Livermore is the easternmost city in the San Francisco Bay Area and the gateway to the Central Valley.  Its 22 square miles are part of California’s oldest wine region, with some 40 wineries.

The Josefa Higuera Livermore Chapter, NSDAR, has been active in the Livermore community over its 20-year history through its support for veterans, education, local heritage, and the environment. The chapter also supports the causes of the state and national societies.

Visit the membership page for information about becoming a DAR member or contact Josefa Higuera Livermore Chapter, NSDAR. Browse our website for information about our meetings and chapter activities.



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